Happy Birthday to Rachel:)

Today is Thursday March 19th:) 7 years ago my sweet Rachel was born. She looks just like me, and she cracks me up with her humor, her princess status and her diva abilities! This morning Richard gave her a locket and she smiled so much and went on and on about that thing. She felt special she felt treasured and she felt loved! God made each one of my children so unique. I am the  middle child (all you middle child people just said I feel ya) I have had to overcome the not being the baby, or being the first born…not bitter I promise:) No really…Richard and I were talking about Rachel and Rebekah’s differences. If there is one thing I want my girls to know is that they are loved unconditionally, that no dream is to big, and to see themselves through eyes of their creator. I am 34 and its days I embrace that truth and there are days where I want nothing to do with a mirror or a reflection of who I am (on the outside) I was driving this morning to work, and my cell phone was dead and so I cranked up my music and begin praying and praising God for my children, my husband, and I begin to name out the girls in UNBOUND and I prayed for our ministry. I was sitting at the stop light (putting on my make up) and I started thinking about painting, and how God crafted me..I said out loud “I am a masterpiece God please help me to understand this concept and accept this in my heart”  I don’t hate myself, nor do I long to be thin thats not even it anymore, its understanding that if I am big, or small I am complete in Him.  I started reading Nehemiah chapter one and came across a couple things that stood out to me. When he was told the wall had been broken down it didn’t say he began to ask God right off to do and move, it said he mourned and wept and fasted and prayed  before God.  He just sat in His presence and his heart was poured out before Him….I love being in those moments where I can’t even speak, I just have to say God search my heart and I just sit and cry. The moments I can’t even understand what to say to God the Holy Spirit takes it from there> I lay in bed a lot at night and say God I am just going to sit in your presence tonight speak to my soul…and He does. I use to  long for years  to be some place else, my dreams seemed so unattainbable and I would long for things to happen financially, or for me to be beautiful, I wanted  my life to be perceived as “perfection” Once I allowed God to strip my heart and see the  motives of my heart  and that I would never meet the expectations of others. I began to see the hurt that had been so deep in my heart that was affecting all areas of my life.    About 5  years ago God opened my eyes to who HE TRULY IS. Jesus is so much more! I am praying for you to see that there is so much freedom in Christ we allow the things, and opinions of others to dictate so much of who we are in Christ. Push through that and watch what happens.  So today as my lil Rach celebrates her birthday with lots of loving and yummy goodies I want you to remember that you are treasured and loved daily by your creator. He wants to look you in the eye and hold your chin up and say” I love you for you…simply you..why you ask? because I CREATED YOU:)”


Nehemiah 1

Just do…


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