Last week the unbound team met to discuss all our “homework” that we had been assigned (by our lovely PR person)…promotional stuff, speaking topics, songs, drama, you name it we discussed it. We thought it would be a wonderful idea to move it to a house so we could be more comfortable, and really have time to talk in depth about all the topics……well what usually takes about 2 and half hours at Panerra………turned into about 5 hours and at the end of the night we did a you tube that makes no sense, has horrible camera footage (which I was the videographer!) what I do know is that we laughed until we cried and until we fell over! You know I was thinking what if UNBOUND never makes it out of NC or what if all of this planning is just that…. planning….(I of course don’t believe that) but what I do know is that God is strengthening us and binding us together as a team:) I love being around all the girls and we encourage each other so much and truly look for the best:)..I am going through discerning the voice of God study right now and I can say that it’s literally changing my view of how I listen and anticipate God’s voice in my life. I read just last night about how satan sets out to bring me guilt and to expose…Jesus pulls me in with such intimacy that its not guilt that brings me back but a longing to be with Him! I often will beat myself up because I didn’t read a long verse for the day, or even skip a day of being in the word. I tell myself “you are a horrible Christian” etc etc…that is not TRUTH:) your intimacy with Christ isn’t here today and gone tomorrow. I have fallen head over heels for my Jesus and that reflects every area of my life.  I mess up but it’s a different feeling when I step back into His presenceJ I don’t hold my head down in shame I look to Him with complete surrender asking for yet another chance to love Him WHOLE heartedlyJ My one word is Thirst…and I am praying daily  to THIRST for His presence  and  for His voice 🙂 I love better, I listen more, and I want others to not see me but see Him.  Many of you that are reading this have let your past enslave you and you can’t seem to shake the guilt or move forward. I am praying today as you read this verse you will be set FREE!~UNBOUND:) being set free! Love to all:)

Isaiah 43:18-19 (NASB)

       Do not call to mind the former things,
         Or ponder things of the past.
    19“Behold, I will do something (B)new,
         Now it will spring forth;
         Will you not be aware of it?
         I will even (C)make a roadway in the wilderness,
         Rivers in the desert.

check our you tube out it is funny…well to us anyways:)



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