Today is Thursday Feb. 19th….I am so excited because my favorite person on the planet is coming to Asheville Civic Center in April! NATALIE GRANT:) if you know me you know that we are bff’s and she just has not come into this realization yet. I laugh because we had our moment in Greensboro, well I had a moment as I stood in line to get a glimpse….I wanted to give her My friend’s cd and to also give her a cool Beauty Within T-shirt..she was so sweet, so real and so not like many other artist:) I thought to myself, we will prolly never be friends so to speak, but if she only knew the impact she has made on so many lives including my own. I remember sitting at the Revolve Tour many years ago, and understanding the struggle I had dealt with all my life…as she sang “The Real Me” I cried like a baby:) I was 30! This season of Beauty Within, has turned into a ministry UNBOUND and it will be coming to a city near you:) hahaha just wanted to say that 🙂 But anyways……Today as you look back over your life, think about those who have impacted your life in some way…thank them, and go and impact others;) Love to all:)

Those who are impacting me:) Thank You:)

Ephesians 3:20:)


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