stationed at the watchtower:)

I am going through a small group study by Priscilla Shirer..its called Discerning the voice of God. I have learned so much about how I communicate with God on a daily basis. There was a day last week that talked about how we should anticipate His voice and be ready no matter what He said to us. I think about how Unbound Ministries came to be and through 2 years of knowing that I should start a seminar, well I let the fear of questioning His voice keep me from moving forward with it. I realize now after reading Chasing Daylight (good book) that moving does way more than just standing still and doing nothing. I know many of you have hopes and dreams and you want so badly to make a difference in your schools, in the community and at your workplace. I have those too! I prayed all last week about Unbound and about this year’s Searching for the Beauty Within Seminar…the planning has already begun and before you know it will be here. I pray for God to not only be in the center of it all but to lead me as I plan as I make decisions and if I hear nothing than I wait and listen….and He will speak:) In Habakkuk 2:1 it talks about Habakkuk waited on the “watchtower” it was positioned well above the ground to provide a broad view for miles around. It gave the guard a different perspective by placing him high above the ground. He was able to take his eyes off his circumstances and watched only for God! He was expecting God to answer and he was determined to wait until He did answer.. I was talking to a good friend of mine yesterday and her husband has been leading worship at a new church, and she went on and on about how God had just poured out His spirit on that place! I was so excited:)! She also begin to tell me all the struggles and trials they were also facing…so after we hung up I began to pray for God to speak to their souls for them to be able to hear through the circumstances that were going on:) One thing I learned about communicating with God is that there are 3 stages of prayers.. First, it is “me and Him”, I come to prayer conscious of myself, my need, my desires. I pour these out to God, Second, prayer becomes Him and me..Gradually I become more conscious of the presence of God than of myself. Lastly,its an ONLY HIM…God’s presence arrests me, captivates me,warns me, and works on me. WOW! I want nothing more than to be in the presence of a God who can speak through a burning bush, a quiet voice, a healing, through worship:) WOW…..With UNBOUND taking off we have started making contacts and preparing packets and God is really working! Just last Monday I prayed for God to show me His hand was in this ministry and that it was Him not me pursuing this calling. We started working on our pictures and we knew it would be A LOT for head shots, group shots etc. We spoke with a local photographer about it and she told us she would get back to us..Monday morning as I prayed for God to please show me, my friend and our PR person was contacted by the photographer and she said I will charge 50 bucks, but I want the money to go to a local organization that provides support for children and adults with MR. I got chills and I just began to praise God out loud right up in my car:) We must wait…we must listen and HE will speak:) “I know that the Lord is speaking to me when the voice I hear is always challenging, always convincing, and never allows me to be comfortable where I am. Not having a father, what an honor it is to have One who loves me so much that His greatest desire is to see me grow” Kirk Franklin


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