Jack Frost you have out did yourself:)

It is FREEZING outside to say the least…..I woke up this morning with the news of a 2 HOUR DELAY:) I was so relieved not only for me to get an extra hour of sleep, but for the girls to get rested and to have a few extra minutes to breath and watch a movie or play barbies.  Just to have things kinda flow since both of them had already had their baths the night before.  I got to spend a few extra minutes flirting and talking with Richard 🙂  and also time to sit and look over my day. I have learned to  embrace the time with my kids and  my husband.  I also  enjoy spending time with the girls in the youth as they go through their own struggles and are learn about themselves and who they are in Christ.  I can’t regain my time with Goudy like  sitting by her bed in the last days journaling and reading her verses, or talking about her childhood, or her giving me such valuable insight to being a mom and a wife, I can’t regain the time I spent laughing with her about things we had experienced together, I remember when just the two of us went to the movies to see Knotting Hill and we laughed so hard we cried….I remember seeing her face for the first time when she experienced Cinderella’s castle, the beach, the mountains, her first grandchild…..Time is so precious and yet we take it for granted daily. I pray each morning to ENCOUNTER God and for others to encounter Him through me……… Look around you and take time to invest in those around you because in time it will pass…time passes and moments are lost and memories are made:) Rebekah is growing into this young lady who is so beautiful and creative and full of spunk;) She cracks me up daily with her humor (like daddy like daughter) The other night we sat in her floor talked about boys, and I painted her nails….what a moment:)  With Rachel she holds her baby doll reads her a book, and looks up at me and says “mom I love you” wow way to make me melt:) Our evenings are spent laughing, playing games, barbie fashion shows, Rebekah playing her flute and daddy chasing them, and lots of adventure walks.   When things are over and time has passed I smile:) I love that God allowed me to encounter Him through the little things…….

Today when I went to lunch a lady walked up to the car and asked for any change..I honestly had nothing but my bank card…a friend of mine Becky gave her a dollar and she encountered a blessing and I got to say” Becky you gave without knowing what she will do with that…you gave because thats your heart” I encountered God through her giving:) Don’t concentrate on the “to do list” the meeting coming up, the work that is due, the homwork that didn’t get finished, the test that you made a bad grade on, the what if’s or THE MUST do’s….. God is waiting for us…and He is in the midst of  everything and when we do slow down and finally see Him…we have encountered a special moment:) don’t let it pass………


1 Samuel 2: (The Message)

1Hannah prayed: I’m bursting with God-news! I’m walking on air.
    I’m laughing at my rivals. I’m dancing my salvation. 2-5 Nothing and no one is holy like God,
      no rock mountain like our God.



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