I am glad God doesn’t take a week off from ME!

Hello World:) I just got back from a wonderful trip to Disney (week long) with 18 family members! yes..a bit stressful at times but mostly wonderful! I love being with family and sharing memories with them. I didn’t however once spend time with Christ this week, I think I prayed once for God to stop the rain one evening, and I attempted to read my bible….I felt so defeated at the end of the week. I was standing in worship last night and Brandon (our worship leader) begin to share how being consumed with God should be our passion. Like starring into a flame, and how we are in awe of it…I thought about how I stood and just looked at how beautiful and amazing the castle was all week long…. I then realized I took a vacation from the very One whom I long to see, but I am so thankful that God doesn’t take a week off from me. I need him daily, I need him every second of my life! As I began to sing last night I could barely speak, because of the shame I felt… but when I said the words “I am sorry, please forgive me” I felt as if He took me in His arms and lifted my chin up to Him and said “its ok, I forgive you” WOW there is such freedom when when we give all of our hearts to Him! So now I am in the word and I am thirsty for Him…….

Have a good rest of the week:)
Christmas is just around the corner:)
Matthew 5:6 “Blessed are (H)those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied


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