LOOK UP…no really look up:)

I am not sure even where to begin….This past weekend our youth went to Traveler’s Rest for a Love, Sex and dating conference. Greg Boone was the speaker, and I can’t even put into words how amazing it was. The whole weekend was filled with laughter, with tears, with renewal, with friendships, with laughter (ok A LOT OF LAUGHTER). But the conference itself was heart piercing good…I have never heard him speak before, and the first night alone I think I said “man that is good” like 20 times!  The next two days left me speechless, left me thinking about how God is control of EVERY area of my life! HE CREATED SEX!  How cool is that~! ha:) Some of the points he made were edgy, radical, over the top, and barbaric.. ummm just like JESUS:) He is by far the best speaker I have EVER HEARD! I love when people are so free in their relationship with Christ that they no longer worry about everyone pointing fingers at them, or giving the loud sigh when they say certain things! If the truth is not compromised and God is glorified…what’s the problem? A couple of things i wrote from the weekend I am going to post below they need know explanation…

Ideas and thoughts…change the idea, and it will change the behavior, action, feelings……. When we are controlled by our thoughts, we are then letting our thoughts control our actions!

We are seeing the world through a distorted view of reality..

God gave us the Essence of who Jesus Christ is…

Do my actions match my words?

What will give us “life” relationships? friendships? Money? Sports? Popularity?

John 17:3 Help me to KNOW you Jesus!

God invented SEX!  1. To make babies 2. To be fun (like that part) 3.Strengthen a marriage

If 1 generation of teenagers would not have sex, than every hungry person on the planet could be fed!

How we view our earthly fathers, effects how we view our Heavenly Father! SO TRUE!

1 Cor 6:18-20 (Message) We must not pursue the kind of sex that avoids commitment and intimacy, leaving us more lonely than ever-the kind of sex that can never become one….

There is NO CONDOM for your heart!

Emotions are the fruit of our relationships NOT THE ROOT of our relationships!

Do what a lover does and you will feel what a lover feels!

If both of you are the same…one is not needed!

Love is a verb!~

This weekend was over the top! The inside jokes still have me laughing! So Look up lodge was amazing and I am so excited about what is to come, but in the mean time I will enjoy simplicity and I will praise Him in the little things…(thanks Erin:)

Love to all Holly<><

Katie I know you just looked up!


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