whats in your rear view mirror….

I have reached another mile stone in my life. Rebekah started middle school today, and I didn’t cry.. I was so nervous for her but so excited at the same time. I love watching her bloom into what God has created her to be. She has gone through this major awkward stage! She told me this weekend, “mom what is the big deal about boys anyway?” If only I could record that statement and play it back to her when suddenly boys are all that and a box of chocolate! She wore this cute little shirt I found this weekend and it says…Love who you are…always! I need one of those! The funny part that happened this morning was that we arrived perfectly on schedule and then as I circled around I ended up right behind the traffic cop and he wouldn’t let me by…noone told me NOT to go that way…so there I sat for about 12 or 13 minutes PASSed  EMPTY of course until  I finally  decided to do a 3 point road turn and get the heck out of there……Me and Rachel stopped for gas and made it to her school before the tardy bell so that was good. As I prayed with them this morning, I realized that both of my girls are in different places in their lives. Rebekah is learning so much about herself, and also learning to be passionate about the word. She continues to have an amazing imagination, and she loves fairies more than ever! I love her innocence and she doesn’t judge people, she always is talking to everyone that we come in contact…sometimes I say Rebekah don’t talk to everybody..and she always comes back with “mom you said be barbaric” ok she got me…. Just this morning, I had forgotten my make-up in Richard’s car and Rachel said “mom, beauty comes from within” and then Rebekah chimes in…”mom, just as you are no regrets” they got me AGAIN, and so yes I arrived at work without one drop of  make-up. Rachel is such a sweet person, and has a heart to please others. She wants to be so “big” and yet at  the same time she wants me to call her my princess and hold her before she goes to sleep….. When we look in the rear view mirror we can’t see whats in front of us and we miss all thats coming at us, or often the scenery on the side. I don’t want to miss the little moments as try to make huge strides to just keep my head above the water.  My life is NEVER calm! I am always busy and I get frustrated because I want nothing more than to KNOW where the soccer gear is, know where that hot pink bow is, know where the shoes are, have enough time to get my make up on before I leave the house….I have learned that no matter what…I will never have “IT ALL TOGETHER!” and honestly I am ok with that. I get made fun of all the time for not doing this, or doing this wrong, or not being on time and I laugh at first, and then the insecurity sets in. But you know whats in my rear view mirror is all that matters to me. My two girls and my husband and being with them and trying to be  the best mom I can be is what counts. So what if I am late, I got to spend a few extra minutes with them, or so what if I lost a paper, I can print another one….Time is flying by, and if we don’t stop and see all thats around us its going to be gone…… side note, on Saturday we went to Concord mills and we shopped literally ALL day, me and Rebekah and Rachel:) As we were walking out with our shopping bags, their build a bears, cookies and coffee Rebekah smiled and said this is the best day of my life, and then Rachel says YES ME TOO…….Good times:)


Proverbs 31:25 She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future.


One thought on “whats in your rear view mirror….

  1. You know priorities truly are everything. The trap you and I have both allowed ourselves to be pushed into is that perfection is desirable and attainable by our own actions. We can not ever achieve that in ourselves. It’s a rat race that I’m declaring us both out of. If people don’t get, I’m telling you I don’t care. What do I want to be remembered by? Promptness or passion? Strictness or softness? Rigidness or reaching out?
    You know.

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