get ready to run…this blog is all over the place:)

I am not sure really where to begin on this one….I have been trying to blog since my last entry, and I pray and I think of things to write about, but I don’t feel God in it.  I started several blogs yesterday but none were finished. I arrived home from work yesterday with the kids around 5:05 they came in changed clothes, we fed the kittens and scrappy, grabbed a few snacks to get by until after soccer. We headed to soccer practice…I am loving these practices! There is a huge playground right beside Rebekah’s field and so when Rebekah is doing her thing, well Rachel is happy to swing for an hour and a half. Richard and I love it too, because we get that long to be together. We sat and talked about how awesome the 80’s night went! We had over a 100 and we were so excited, and encouraged. We have had problem after problem over these last few months (car issues, his mom,finding our purpose,etc) I have seen far too many tears fall from these eyes, and I have moved past the feelings of defeat. I realized a couple of weeks ago that God is in complete control of my life. I just have to trust Him.  Amos 4:13 “For the Lord is the one who shaped the mountains, stirs up the winds, and reveals His thoughts to mankind” I am trusting that God will fulfill this desire in my heart (that He put there) to speak to teenage girls and really connect with them.  The other night I was talking to everyone and as soon as several of the girls saw me they ran to hug me and wanted my attention so badly. I love those girls so much and I truly mean that. I worry about them, and I talk hours with them about decisions that have shaped who they are now, and about how to change those perceptions about themselves and how they view the circumstances in their lives. I am not begging God any longer to MOVE me physically, just to move in the hearts of these girls and for those I come in contact with on a daily basis. So anyways….after practice was over we went to Bi-lo for Richard and Rachel to use the restroom and that turned into buying ribs, mickey mouse pasta, chocolate ice cream and chicken salad…what a combo! We came home and Richard grilled the ribs, and we were all so relieved that we didn’t have to eat out. Since may we have only bought the necessities to get by because we don’t have the time or energy to cook. I feel like a failure at times but Richard reminded me that just being with him and the girls no matter where we were was more important to him than me slaving over the stove. I love to cook, and prepare meals for my family and that seems to be so out of reach for me right now. We have only a couple days left before Rebekah enters middle school, and Rachel enters the first grade…I am so scared of not having Richard here with me and doing the morning routine  way earlier than the schedule we were on this summer. (so pray) ok back to the grocery story for a second (Richard wanted to rest for a second lol) we sat down and decided to just talk about the goals for next school year. He allowed each of the girls to talk about what they wanted to accomplish…Rachel says “to read better” and then Rebekah says “cool clothes, and being on time” huh? I know that my face reflected my Huh?  Richard re-directs the question to “what are you going to do this year to ensure you make good grades, and good decisions” she talks about getting up earlier, reading her bible, and taking notes during class, and trying to stay focused when the teacher is talking” ok much better…..Richard told her that he would reward her with clothes or whatever she wanted as long as she stuck to that. fast forward…..After supper Richard was taking down the tent and asked Rebekah to help, she resisted and he got upset with her, he came in and they headed to the bedroom. He got the Bible and after about 35 minutes or so they came out. He said I went through several verses with her and explained how “meaningless” task to her would help her and prepare her for making decisions and doing things for God throughout middle school! How cool is that:) She was so calm after that and went straight to bed, relaxed and happy.  I never have any memories of getting spiritually encouraged growing up by my father, and I am so frustrated by that at times, but when I see Richard stepping out and really trying to connect with his girls on their spiritual level it warms my heart.  So Richard grabbed a few snacks, clothes for the following day hugs and kisses from all his girls….Rachel wants at least 10 hugs before he leaves.. I get on the computer and check my faithfreaks, email etc I heard my cell go off and I go to check it and it said…”ME CARSON AND VIC JUST GOT SAVED PRAY FOR US!”  My sister got saved? I re-read that message like 3 times, she had called but I had my phone on vibrate and didn’t hear it. I couldn’t believe it, I was almost in tears and I ran and called Gina to tell her because she knows how badly I have been praying for this.  Tiffany and I have always been close but because of where we were in our lives we just didn’t connect on a level that I so badly longed for. I have watched her make dumb decisions and yet I NEVER fussed at her or judged her. I loved her and prayed for her and encouraged her over the years. I would get so frustrated and I would get the courage to say something and then…it was gone. I did a lesson the other week on the lost coin, the lost son, and the lost sheep. I talked about how our kitten was missing and that I looked for hours for it. I came home from work in the middle of the day hoping she would just run out of the tree, or under the deck or something.  I even mentioned that I didn’t know if my sister was saved or not, and yet I never went after her. That breaks my heart but I have prayed for her and we have really gotten close over these past few months. We talk more, I talk about spiritual things with her now and this past weekend she spent the night with me, Megan B, and Gina we had a ball and we had times to discuss marriage and relationships and things that are happening! I am so overwhelmed right now and I am encouraged because God is so awesome and He hears the cries and He restores the hearts of many! I am thankful for my cousin because I know that she is a prayer warrior and she encourages me beyond belief! So please be in prayer f or my sister and my brother n law and his sister, because I know that satan isn’t happy but guess what…he just got beasted:) Holly<><

Habakkuk 3:2 I have heard all about you, Lord. I am filled with awe by Your amazing works.

Proverbs 3: 1-2 My child, never forget the things I have taught you. Store my commands in your heart. If you do this,you will live many years and your life will be satisfying.


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