I do believe its going to be another RED LETTER DAY…

I was going to blog on last night’s lesson at church, but after reading my cousin’s blog, I can officially say Mark 9:23 HAS ROCKED MY WORLD! I am not going to go into it all (maybe 2morrow), I just want you to read the below blog! I know that several of my friends have been dealing with adversity and struggling with fighting temptations, or lack of faith, or fear of the unknown, fear of reality setting in, and for myself I have been beat up, knocked down but standing firm in that I KNOW THAT GOD is in control of my life, and the calling HE HAS PLACED! ….all things are possible! My favorite part was part where she said…..”Excited because the devil considers me a threat” so without me rambling please enjoy…..because I do believe its going to be another RED LETTER DAY! Mark 9:23 is straight from Jesus…so BE ENCOURAGED and know that CHANGE is coming and ANYTHING is possible!  I could SCREAM:)


Gina Pasour: my bff, my cousin, my coffee break buddy, my prayer warrior, you officially get the blog of the year award! I love you:)
I am excited yet struggling.  Struggling because the devil has put temptations and problems in my path.  Struggling to repent as in change, not just say “I’m sorry.”  Struggling to hope in the form of trust and in spite of appearance.  But I’m excited too.  Excited because change is on the horizon.  Excited because the devil considers me a threat.  Excited because Jesus will be back soon. 

Every person that I feel connected to is struggling; people that’ve said to me, and I’ve said them “we should do …………………………..for the Lord’s work.” We make plans, or attempt to, and then it seems as legions of demons are sent to harass and discourage us.  I was thinking the other day about Paul and Silas in prison.  I tell you what, if I would’ve been in their shoes, I think I would’ve said “It’s over.  It’s not meant to be.”  They were rejected, arrested, in prison, in chains.  I mean come on.  This couldn’t be what they were supposed to do, right?  If God wanted them to do what they were doing, He wouldn’t allow ridicule, and imprisonment, right?  You and I both know I’m being totally sarcastic.  But the kicker is that we do, as modern day Christians, base our decisions on the way things appear.   We completely forget Jesus told us we’d have struggles in the world.  We forget the meaning of faith-believing in the unseen. 

Remember what the devil said about Job.  He told God if he’d be allowed to take everything from him, and inflict his body with sickness that Job wouldn’t be so worshipful.  So God allowed these things to happen to Job.  In the end Job was restored and throughout God was honored.  Why Job?  Why did the devil want to bring Job down?  Was it because of a random drawing?  Did he pick straws?  Flip a coin?  No.  It was completely intentional.  Job loved God and was about his Father’s business.

So many of us have drawn our spiritual line in the sand and said to God “This as far as I’ll go.”  Don’t put conditions or restrictions when it comes to your belief in who God is and what he can do.  God is not limited.  We are the ones who put the limitations in place when we try to grasp the awesomeness of God. 

Mark 9: 21-22He asked the boy’s father, “How long has this been going on?”   “Ever since he was a little boy. Many times it pitches him into fire or the river to do away with him. If you can do anything, do it. Have a heart and help us!”

 23Jesus said, “If? There are no ‘ifs’ among believers. Anything can happen.”

Last night Holly Blanton and I were having our weekly jibber jabber session.  Every Wed. for weeks she has driven me to my car which is parked on the other side of the church.  It started innocently enough with her dropping me off, but has gotten longer and longer every week, and I’d say we’ve gotten closer and closer. Well it’s just our little assumption now that we’re gonna talk, maybe cry, maybe laugh, maybe pray, until……………Well, last night we were doing our normal, when here it comes.  Gaston County Police.  Say what????  She says to us “Can I help y’all?”  What did she say?  Can she help us?  Like we have no right to be there.  I step out of the car.  “We go to church here.  We’re talking.  Is it ok?”  She says “Yes.  I’m just going to sit here for a while.”  Well, ok lady.  Just hit here.  And we’ll just sit here.  And we all did. 

See this is how so many of us feel.  Like we have no right to be where we know we’re supposed to be. Rejected by the one who we thought was meant to be our protector.  It’s all a trap of the devil.  We must look beyond what we see with our eyes, if we ever hope to see God.   

 23Jesus said, “If? There are no ‘ifs’ among believers. Anything can happen.”

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