the third nail……..

Today is August 12, 2008. I met Richard 16 years ago today! How crazy is that. I am around our students at church all the time, and to think that I was most of their ages when I met my husband leaves me speechless. I can’t believe all the twist and turns and mountains that we have conquered over the years. I do love him more than anything in this world! I went to meet Gina at Joyful noise to get our daily dose of Bible, praying, and of course white mocha/dark mocha coffee. Today we shared some different verses with each other. I love that hour each day. It was funny because Myra is a hoot! She is a ball full of energy and she can make any bad day just turn for the better with a boost of her encouragement! That woman is glowing with love for people and Jesus! I think she has a lot to do with the reason we go too. Today we were talking about being testimony’s and I told her how I have gotten just slammed with opening up about my past, and how people have attempted to shut me up. She told me a story after she said “praise the Lord, you are getting persecuted for Christ” huh? I wanted to say, having my feelings hurt or getting mad isn’t cool to me. But she quoted

Galatians 2:20 My old self has been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me. So I live in this earthly body by trusting in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

And then she proceeded to tell me a story she had heard over 20 years ago by a born again Jew. She said vision yourself being crucified, think about it…she said you can nail this hand to the cross, you can nail your feet, but you have to have someone else nail the third nail. OMGOOODNESS. I am still blown away by that statement. It wasn’t sin that placed Jesus on that Christ, He WILLINGLY gave himself for OUR SIN> that’s so good. I am told over and over about how Christ ENDURED the cross. Endure means:  to remain firm under suffering or misfortune without yielding!  Why do we even worry or even care when we face heartache, or mountains that seem to be so big. Struggles that seem to never lighten up, or people that are so difficult to like. God is so much more than that! He ENDURED the cross for my pride, my jealousy my envy, my past, my future, for ME! I can take it, like Rocky took it from the Russian. RANDOM…I delight in persecution, I say bring the rain…because after the rain, and storm comes beautiful blue skies and sunshine, and often a rainbow!  God is so good! Sunday Greg preached on KNOWing Christ. I think when you study God’s word, He shows you His heart, and He fills you like a filling in a cream doughnut…ok random again:) But think about that. The best part of a cream filled doughnut is the yummy fluffy full of sugar center! God’s word is that in my heart. It’s what I fall back on in EVERY life situation.  I continue to fight the beast of self image DAILY and its when I look in the mirror and I remember Psalm 139 I AM FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE that allows me to walk away not feeling defeated. It’s knowing that TRUE unfading Beauty is in my heart and it is reflected in my words, the way I treat others and how I choose to live. When I am about to hurt someone with my speech its Ephesians 4:29 that reminds me to BUILD others up.  God has written us a love letter and we just need to soak it in and let it penetrate into our hearts. After church the whole family went to my mom’s for a BIG dinner to celebrate Meagan leaving for college. She has chosen to remain a virgin and she is living for God with all she is. She is such an inspiration to so many people! She is sharing her personal story of trying so hard to gain her earthly father’s love and finding the love of her heavenly father and she is 18 years old. I know that God is moving in so many people’s lives right now, some are crying out for God to DO SOMETHING NOW, others are screaming GOD PLEASE BREAK ME, some are PRAISING GOD, some are numb and wanting something to give. No matter where you are, Jesus loves you right in the midst of it! Whether you see the mountain in the distance, you are approaching the mountain, climbing the mountain, at the top of the mountain, or coming down off the mountain. God has a purpose in every step you take! He gives hope; we have to choose to believe that!

Psalm 105: 4 Search for the Lord and for his strength;
      continually seek him.

Psalm 5 1 O Lord, hear me as I pray;
      pay attention to my groaning.
 2 Listen to my cry for help, my King and my God,
      for I pray to no one but you.
 3 Listen to my voice in the morning, Lord.
      Each morning I bring my requests to you and wait expectantly.

Seek God CONTINUALLY and I love this part in Psalm 5…wait EXPECTANTLY! Know that change is coming!

Gina I know you are getting some lyrics together….

The Third Nail………

like my bff Natalie Grant (hee hee) I WILL NOT BE MOVED!


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