I am safe….

I read my blogs sometimes and think to myself..girl you are a freak I laugh because I am totally obsessed with my Natalie Grant CD! I really think we are bff’s and she doesn’t know it! lol I remember waiting in line for almost an hour last year at the Revolve tour just to say hello, get my book signed and I was literally like 5 or 6 in line….all of sudden the line begin to move and everyone started pulling out these tickets, HUH? I had missed that part and didn’t get to go in! I was so bummed! So anyways… There is a song on the cd “SAFE” and it’s a tear jerker for sure! I played it a couple of nights back during the end  at FOCUS, and I was getting my praise on, hands in the air…crying my eyes out…and when I just took a glimpse of the room, all the girls were right beside me standing along side of me praising right along with me! As girls we are all trying to find that place that we can be safe in. We look to clothes to fit in, we look to friendships to feel that need to be needed, we look for clubs, organizations to feel important, we look to boys to be approved of and yet all we really want is to feel safe!  Yesterday I was having a HORRIFIC day (read my blog and you will see) but as the day went on little things begin to happen that made me realize I was SAFE in the arms of God. I had put an email out a while back (like 3 weeks ago) to Crossroad ministries. I had been praying really hard and I truly believe that God wants me to speak to teenage girls.  So as continued to pray for God to open doors and allow my voice to be heard. Each time I prayed “Crossroads” would come into my mind, I had no idea what that meant. I contacted Crossroad ministries and told them who I was, and what my heart and feelings were about speaking to teenage girls. There are some major events for girls…Revolve tour is awesome but I could never make it to that stage, Woman of Faith is well for Women…so I knew it was a long shot, but I sent the email. I got a response yesterday by a guy who asks for my cd/podcast! I laughed because I certainly don’t have either. He was so encouraging and didn’t promise anything, but said he would love to listen to what I have to say. I was so encouraged! I then got several calls about the Beauty within Seminar and the article was great in the local paper yesterday! I am so excited about all that God is doing, and I realized that I am selfish and sometimes need to just chill, because GOD IS SOOOO GOOD and is moving! I just have to wait! Below are the lyrics to my new fav song…I pray that anyone who reads this in need of some encouragement will feel encouraged, refreshed and renewed! God is amazing and I so excited about what is to come…..

Beauty within Seminar/September 13th Chapel Grove Baptist Church


Safe by Natalie Grant

How did you know
That I’m all alone today
Oh I feel so scared
And I want to go away
I bleed so deep underneath
My soul is screaming

I’m not gonna hide
I’m not gonna run away
I’ll uncover the scars
And show you every mistake
Your love has mended my blisters
And my bruising shame
Now I, I’m not ashamed.
Here with you
I am safe

Drowning the tears
Won’t make it go away
It’s robbing my soul
I’m taking this mask off my face
To discover love
And uncover all
It means to live and breathe

You’ve uncovered and I’ve discovered
I am not afraid
But when we’re hiding we’re only fighting
To be sane

Be encouraged! Love to all Holly<><

Ephesians 3:20 20Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us


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