it never gets old…..

July 4th was a very eventful day to say the least. Gina and I decided that our families would go to Carowinds! YES JULY 4th. It was literally the most crowded day I have ever seen in my whole life!! We got in the wave pool (Richard, Me, Rebekah, Rachel, Mark, Gina, Chloe) and we looked for a small open spot just to stand in. It was a sea of people for real! Lifeguards stood alert all around the wave pool. We then went to our picnic under the shelter and as the black clouds started to roll in we said “lets go eat while it rains and then by that time the rest of the family will be here and we can go ride the rides.” So we hand our tickets to the man, and he looks at us and says…”we have a chicken delay” Richard of course begins making jokes with all the employees and with others in line. Everyone would walk by and he would say…’am there is a chicken delay, and they would laugh and then he would encourage them. They were sweating, and trying so hard to cook the chicken to accommodate the rest of the people that were coming in so they appreciated the humor. After the eating frenzy the rest of the family arrives and we set out to ride the rides, NO RAIN ever occurred and so we were able to get a lot of rides in. Now the most comical part of the day (one of many) was when the fireworks begin. We all sit down ready for this big display and when they start, we are directly behind a tree, so we move over and now we see them but there is a building in front of us. We continue to sit there, because they got higher and we were exhausted to get up. We laughed, and as I looked around we all had our heads tilted back with a great since of awe, and you would hear….ooooh…..ahhhhh……wow!! What I loved is that we have watched fireworks for years, but the sight of them never gets old! We arrange our July 4th celebrations around the shooting of fireworks. THEY NEVER GET OLD! We left there went to the parking lot and we decided to all just sit and wait until the parking lot started clearing out….so over an hour later we decided to go to our cars and head home. Richard and I got up around 10:30 this morning, and begin to clean up the 3 weeks worth of NOT cleaning up. We would some how end up back in the living room talking and laughing about something. Our relationship grows daily! I love him more today than the day I married him, or even yesterday! No matter the fuss or disagreement, it always goes back to the love between us. As I continued cleaning Erin sent me a text with simply the verse Is 53, so I went and read it right away. I thought back over the day and over yesterday………how fireworks never get old, or how I always go back to the love…and then it just hit me! My love for Christ and the awe I have for Him, should never get old, and I should let every circumstance, experience, adventure, struggle, pain take me back to the cross. The Cross never loses its meaning, unless we allow it to happen! I myself have said, or done things that I know didn’t glorify God at the time, but when I realized it and needed forgiveness it was back to the cross. When we hunger for God’s word and we write it on our hearts daily is when we begin to grow as a Christ follower. Not picking up your bible but listening to Christian music isn’t going to grow you, YES IT ENCOURAGES YOU, but its HIS WORDS that we need to base our life, our decisions, our future on. When we line up under Christ, there is no room for discussion. People will talk, but really who cares! Jesus stirred up everyone around him (most didn’t like Him) but he kept pressing toward the whole reason he was on earth! I am encouraged by this verse

Psalm18: 6

A hostile world! I call to God,
      I cry to God to help me.
   From his palace he hears my call;
      my cry brings me right into his presence—
      a private audience!
 I am continuing to learn that just because I want to give all of me to Christ and the purpose He has for my life, others sometimes don’t see it that way. I get mad, when my feelings are hurt, or if someone doesn’t “understand”. But I am not mad or even hurt because I know that without a shadow of a doubt God is guiding me and holds my hand along the way. A new day has arrived…………..Holly


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