She has GOT IT!

Another evening at Janice’s house. Its becoming a normal routine each evening now. I am getting in the swing of things, I still press on without a bit of sleep, but all in all God is giving me energy and tonight I actually cooked supper! I made it there by a little after 5 and arrived with Richard a full dinner. He looks so stressed, and he continues to carry huge burdens on his shoulders. He is trying to get a schedule filled up just for the next few weeks, and there continues to be a ton of spaces open, and he knows that means me and him will fill those spots.  I don’t think I have saw him relaxed once since His mom went into the hospital, or even since she has come home. He layed there tonight with the girls and watched a movie with them and so I decided to go spend some quality time with Janice. We talked for over an hour about memories, and mostly what is to come. She encouraged me as a mom, and as a wife and told me how beautiful I was inside and out. When you hear someone like her speak with such passion, and knows that death may come at any given moment, you tend to listen a little harder, and really try and embrace what they are saying. I sat there with full anticipation of where our conversation would lead us next. We started with heaven, and then to Rebekah and then Richard, and then to food and then to my cuz Gina, and then to Rachel, and then to my step dad (who lost his mom last night) back to heaven and then to smells, taste and sounds…..I lauged and nearly cried several times. But she truly wants this time  she has left to be a reflection and a testimony to what is to come.  She truly loves God and can’t get enough of His word. I thought to myself…..SHE HAS GOT IT! So many people including myself go day to day with the thought of “tomorrow is coming, and I will do it then…” but in her case, she knows that she could fall asleep and that may be it for her, so she is trying to soak up every sound, bible verse, taste she can. God has promised us eternal life, which means NEVER ending! We can’t seem to fathom that, but let me tell you Janice won’t be quiet about it. She even said tonight, that she has no desire to watch tv, or read the paper or to even know whats going on around her, she only wants to be with family, share her love and talk to Jesus and to those that visit her talk to them about Jesus.  Just think if everyone embraced that concept….No more gotta have my reality tv shows, no more myspace, emails, computer obsession, sorry can’t play, gotta read the paper, wash the dishes, do work etc…. and we gave all we had to our families and more importantly our lives (ALL of US) to God…imagine the possiblities! Take time to reflect on your day, and tomorrow lets look at life a little different, our struggles a new way, our kids/spouses a little deeper, our families a little sweeter, and Christ, well lets give Him ALL we have! God has placed each one of us on this earth with a heart that is designed to serve and be filled with great passion for HIM…..Look around you, does your days run together, do you long for change, or things to get better! Let your light shine before men and before you know it, your flame will be burning so bright that others will see it, and want just a taste of what you have! It only takes a spark to get a FIRE started:) HOlly<><

I know that was cheezy:)

Psalm 8

A David Psalm

 1 God, brilliant Lord, yours is a household name.

 2 Nursing infants gurgle choruses about you;
      toddlers shout the songs
   That drown out enemy talk,
      and silence atheist babble.

 3-4 I look up at your macro-skies, dark and enormous,
      your handmade sky-jewelry,
   Moon and stars mounted in their settings.
      Then I look at my micro-self and wonder,
   Why do you bother with us?
      Why take a second look our way?

 5-8 Yet we’ve so narrowly missed being gods,
      bright with Eden’s dawn light.
   You put us in charge of your handcrafted world,
      repeated to us your Genesis-charge,
   Made us lords of sheep and cattle,
      even animals out in the wild,
   Birds flying and fish swimming,
      whales singing in the ocean deeps.

 9 God, brilliant Lord,
      your name echoes around the world.


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