I think I have ADHD tonight…can’t keep my thoughts together!

I am not sure what I  am blogging about, nor do I even have a point? or do I? I laugh at myself sometimes when i sit down to write my blogs. I reflect on the day, and I think I could write chapter upon chapter about the things that occur throughout the day. Today was a pretty calm day, stormy but calm. I loved the rain pouring down on the trees that were so dry and desperate for just a drop. I feel like that too sometimes when I need to be touched by Christ, and to feel and know He is here. I read several quotes from my little “God’s promises for a fruitful life” box I got from my mom and I wanted to share those.

When our hopes and dreams are in accordance with God’s desires, they take on deeper meaning and make a significant impact on the world around us.

Merciful Lord, thank you for coming to me at my place of need. You gently lifted me and carried me close to Your heart. You are, indeed my saviour and friend!

“His faith and his actions were working together, and his faith was made complete by what he did” James 2:22

Lord, please help my actions reflect my commitment  to love you with ALL my heart, soul, mind and strength.

I am slowly arriving at a place of rest since all that has happened this past week with mother n law. You know, I have realized  how much she means to me, and never realized how much of an impact she has made on my life, as well as all the times I have taken her for granted.  I am struggling to finish Chasing Daylight, not because lack of interest, its just our schedules are so off right now that its hard for me to even read the word. I sat down last night to read in Corinthians and by chapter 2 I was gone. I had to re read it today…I have learned over the years to NOT and try to take in A TON of scripture at once. I like reading maybe a passage or two, but reflecting and truly embracing a verse or two. One of things that Janice keeps telling me, is that scripture keeps coming back to her head constantly. I think that is so cool! I know that when I am angry, or frustrated, tired, sad, full of joy scripture is what I am offered by others, and also what I offer others for comfort and so on. Rebekah just cried her little eyes out tonight about Goudy and the time that is ahead, the waiting period. My very close friend from college sent the girls a book today in the mail. It was called “What does Heaven look like?” they were so excited to get mail and then to see that it was a big box was even better but the big cherry on the top was to know it was from their buddies in Florida. That meant so much to them and we cried as we read it together and we just prayed for God to do and move as He desires. I was reading a good friend of mine’s blog earlier this evening and I love what she said it was something like “why wouldn’t we think the Holy spirit wouldn’t talk to us” People, life and being busy takes out of the stillness and its in those moments we can miss God, and the desires, passions, thoughts, encouragement, dreams,verse or whatever he needs for us to hear. Its like having ear plugs in at a concert, I don’t quite get that, you pay tons of money and then you stick ear plugs in….um that doesn’t add up for me lol. Well my random blog is over and I am about to go and watch Parent Trap (the old one) I love being able to watch old movies and forget about everything……….Keep praying….love to all:) Holly

sorry for this random blog, it may not have made sense at all, but I am getting up from here feeling much better….its my therapy:)


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