Do you REACT or ACT?

Megan and I went to lifeway and wal-mart last night, and when we left the parking lot we decided to go through Krispy Kreme for a blended mocha (large) and then we decided to share. She made the statement “are we sure we want this” and I responded YES! So at 10:00 I finish my STRONG MOCHA! and at 4:00am I am begging God to let me get some ZZZZZ’s! I finally did fall asleep watching Nanny Mcphee! But between 12am and 4am a lot happened. As the massive storm came our way I gathered candles, flashlights and was scared out of my mind (of course Richard snored and never woke up once!) I also read some, watched some good Youtubes…Tony Evans,Loulio Giglio,Andy Stanley, and Erwin McManus. It was like watching a revival right from my computer desk. I then wrote some notes for the Beauty within, prayed A LOT! and then finally drifted off. Last night, I had some bad fear. It was like I was being surrounded by it or something. I had first layed down to watch Batman with Richard and I fell asleep (10:45ish) I began dreaming about someone starring in to the window and trying to break in and I couldn’t scream or anything. I jumped up and realized Richard had gone to bed and that it was pitch black dark. Thats when I began hearing the rumbles outside, and the thunder so close as if it were right outside my window. The rain was pouring and all I could think about was what if the power went out I would be paralyzed right where I am. I then gathered the candles and the others stuff until the storm passed. I prayed so hard for the fear to be taken away and nothing happened. I started thinking about good things, stuff thats coming up and nothing helped. It wasn’t until I said God I need you to distract me that  I begin to stop thinking that the house was going to crash at any moment. (lol) I have been reading Chasing Daylight as you all know….I read the most amazing couple of pages last night. Erwin said “to react is to be forced out of neutrality and to act means we refuse to stay there.” Man, that is good! He also said, “we have defined holiness through what we separate ourselves from rather than what we give ourselves to.” I read that and realized that I have allowed so many situations pass me by and I have failed to grab those divine moments. Tony Evans was talking about Luck on the you tube I was watching, he said that we say “it was luck” and when really it was God moving and allowing something to happen, but because we didn’t recognize it and dismissed it as “luck” it meant nothing.  God has a plan for our lives and when we choose not to move we become paralyzed in the moment. Paul chose to move even though he was kept from going to Asia, and then Bithynia even though he gave his best effort. HE DID SOMETHING, HE MOVED! Acts 16:6-10. The point is that sometimes we pray for God to move, and we want burning bush answers rather than just trusting God, taking risk and just moving forward. Paul’s journey is a really a story of someone who was passionate for God, knew his calling yet it took him being led away from different places before God led him to Macedonia and yet he never lost his focus and passion! HE DIDN’T LOSE the INITIATIVE.  I want to share a few quotes from the book before I close…

“To follow Jesus is to move with God. When you become a part of God’s movement, you are a missionary.”

“There is a direct relationship between passion and initiatieve. The more passionate you are, the more proactive you will tend to be (even if you boldly do the wrong thing). Here’s where the dilemma lies; this can actually be paralyzing for a sincere follower of Jesus Christ. You don’t want to passionately do the wrong thing. You deperately want to do what’s on God’s heart, not just on your heart. Here’s the liberating reality: when you are passionate about God, you can trust your passions. God uses our passions as a compass to guide us.”

I truly feel like if we would fall in love with Christ, and allow him FULL CONTROL over the passions and desires we have then things would begin to change in our churches, our families our work place our schools etc.

Psalm 37:4-6Take delight in the Lord, and He will give you the heart’s desire. Commit EVERYTHING you do to the Lord. Trust Him, and He will help you. He will make your innocence radiate like the dawn and the justice of your cause will shine like the noonday sun.

Get lost in HIM…and you will NEVER be the same!


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