Hey Everyone:) My buddy from TN, and soon to be NC have always clicked on so many levels, just spiritually, emotionally. We are so much alike, and share so much passion for people, as well as our husbands being the spiritual leader in our homes.  We could talk for hours at a time, have church right uop on the phone, laugh our tails off, cry and break out with some prayers all at the same time!  God has allowed them to bless so many people around them with their constant encouragment and obedience to the the calling on their lives. Matt and Erin are truly people that have now impacted so many people..including me:) I couldn’t sum up his blog, so I decided to post it with the hopes of someone reading it and realizing the potential they have when they FULLY surrender every area of their lives to Christ:) ENJOY!

100% (Huge Revelation)

Okay so here is the million dollar question for me.

“If God can do amazing things with someone who is giving God about 50-70% of themselves, what can He do if someone is giving 100%?”

Well it has only taken 28 almost 29 years of my life to get to this point, but now I am officially here. I have been that “GUY” who has given 50-70% my whole life. I have learned to say the right things, appear to act the right way, and even look a certain way. In spite of all that God has used me and allowed me to do amazing things for Him. The problem with that is he has used me in spite of me not giving him what He deserves, ALL OF ME!! I can’t even get my hands around what it would look like to give God 100% of me. To actually give God my first and last thought. To give Him my future and my past. To give Him my wife and children. To give Him my financial stress and my financial BLESSINGS. To give Him my thoughts and my speech. To allow Him to guide my steps. To give Him every decision that I have to make, which leads me to tonight.

So tonight I had a friend share with me how he felt God telling him that we should not purchase the van we purchased but he didn’t say anything. For those of you who don’t know or haven’t read all mine and my wife’s blogs, we have battle a season of financial struggles and a crazy journey of faith. Well we are selling our house and moving back to Wilmington and we would be practically debt free outside of a car payment and student loans. Then I wrecked our Suburban and with our gap insurance we would have been out of a car payment. My friend told me about an older mini-van we could get for 3000 and not have a car payment but I was afraid of buying an older van with no warranty and gap insurance or in other words I wanted something newer and quote unquote nicer. So I went and bought a newer van and got us back into debt. I didn’t even pray that hard about it. I allowed my eyes to blind me. I rationalized why I should get it and I only gave God about 25% in what is a huge decision.

My wife felt that is was no good but trusted my decision as the leader of our home and what do I do, make a bad choice. She kept talking about the van that our friends told us about. So tonight my friend and I are talking and he says, “Matt I knew it was a bad choice to get that van, and my wife and I were going to buy you that van next door had you asked. God told us to wait for you to ask.” So now I see had I given God that 100% and given him my choices and steps, it would have worked out so much better. So tomorrow I am going to go back to the dealership and share my heart and ask the owner what he can do. He may say nothing, then again he may help. The main thing is I wouldn’t even have to go had I allowed God to be in on the decision.

I say all of this to say, I got off the phone and apologized to my wife, then blew up at my wife over my frustration with dis-obedience and had my wife speak the truth that the reason I don’t hear from God that much is I am tuned into to many other things, then I went for a walk. As I was walking I said out loud “alright God, I have obviously not been giving You Your proper respect and position and yet You have still blessed me and used me. What would it look like if I gave you all of me?”

So then I started to run, and I said “that is it God. I need to remove all the distractions that get in the way of me and You. I need to not spend as much time on the computer, or as much time watching TV, or playing my PSP. I need to spend more time in Your word, in prayer, with my children, with my wife, writing music, and serving God. Before I knew it I had run back to were we are staying and I wasn’t that much out of breath. Part of that is from eating better and working out, the main reason is because I was so locked into God I didn’t realize how fast I was running. I walked in sat down and started writing this.

So here is my challenge to all of us. Let’s stop cheating God. We will give 100% at our job because we know there is a financial benefit and potential job growth. We will give 100% to a relationship because we hope we will get something in return; love, companionship, a soul mate, whatever. But when it comes to God we will give 50-70% and expect God to bless us and take care of us, and You know what is crazy He does. Now what could God do in us and through us if we gave Him 100%? I don’t want to wonder anymore. I want to find out! I want to see with my own eyes what God will do with me when I give Him 100%. Here is why……

God has given me an amazing wife and daughters, I have given 50-70%
God has written amazing songs through me, I have given 50-70%
God has provided for my families every need, I have given 50-70%
God has used me to reach so many people for His glory, I have given 50-70%

I could keep going on and on but you get the point. So I hope something in my rambling has hit home for someone, if not it is good for me to declare that I have only been giving 50-70% to God and I want to give Him all 100%. So if you see me, don’t hesitate to ask me if I am giving 100% and if you want email me and I will do the same if I see you. It is time that we as believers spur one another on like Hebrews 10 tells us to. That we push one another to deeper walks with Christ, not just pamper one another. That is what I have gotten the last 3 weeks people saying, “I see this in you and you need to work on it.” Thank God for that, join me in giving 100% and lets see what amazing things God can and will do in our lives.

P.S. I know this sounds so simple and child like or your parents encouraging you to just give 100%. It is more than that, it is what God requires, not asks or hopes, He demands we give Him 100%, absolutely all of who we are and hope to ever be.

That is just my feelings.



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