thunder…boom….hard pouring rain….SUNSHINE?

Today is Monday April 28th….another month has flown by and another one is right around the corner. Its pouring rain outside, and as frustrated as it makes me (especially in the evenings, and on the weekends) I remembered the simple little saying “April showers bring May flowers”.This a statement that brings hope. Everyday when we wake up feeling so frustrated with life, so overwhelmed with stress, with the never ending chaos we tend to have, we must realize that our sunshine is coming. The hope is in that IT WILL come, not just waiting on it, but knowing that its coming. The times in our lives when we are at the bottom, and we can’t seem to move forward in any area of our lives are the times we tend to draw closest to God(I just don’t see it that way during it all). We just have to give up our independence and completely hand over the control card, and say I surrender fully. Today is a day that tornado’s have hit right down the road (30 minutes), it has thundered, and now as I sit and type the sun is starting to come through the once dark clouds. God is so faithful to us, His love is unconditional, He provides a place of rest for our hearts, He gives us strength when we can’t do it any longer.  I had a hard weekend, not bad just lots to do as always, my lil cuz had a swimming party, my girls had their dance recital, etc etc etc etc…I realized that when you let the chaos of it all control you, the stress, the frustrations and so on, you lose your precious memories in those moments, and the happy moments are sucked right out of the times that could have been full of Joy! As you continue through this day, don’t let the stress in your life keep you from making some precious memories with your friends, your families, your siblings….God wants us to have life and have it more abundantly!! So…when the car breaks down, the computer crashes, you are running late, the work didn’t get completed, the house is a wreck, you were in a wreck, you are so sick, you can’t seem to find anything that fits, bad hair day…all the little things that seem so gigantic at the time, look for your ray of sunshine to come, seek God in those hard times and allow Him to mold you in those precious times. When Rebekah and Rachel get hurt they want me or Richard right then…no band-aid, no medicine just to be held and comforted and know that its going to be OK! Close your eyes and allow Christ to wrap His arms around you, and the burdens you carry and just rest and know that its going to be OK:)

 Get lost in Him……..Holly

Matthew 5:3,6,8

3God blesses those who are poor and REALIZE THEIR NEED FOR HIM, for the kingdom of heaven is theirs.


8God blesses those whose HEARTS ARE PURE for they will SEE GOD.


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